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Lilac Planner - "Dessert" - No Black Triangles!

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As dental professionals, we understand that black triangles are never desired. With that said, we are definitely okay with Birds Nest, Evergreen, and Dessert themed triangles! 

Your Lilac Planner is made-to-order, personalized with your name, and includes 12 months of planning, planner stickers, and special sections tailored to dental professional students. 

* Please note that planners will be processed as orders are received. Due to the custom nature of our product, please allow 5 business days for processing prior to shipment. Shipping time may take an additional 3-5 business days. Please keep in mind that processing and shipping times may alter your choice of start month. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


  • 12 month planner
  • 5.5" x 8.5"
  • Twin loop wire bronze/gold spiral bind
  • Clear matte finished protective front and back covers (not pictured)
    • Matte covers provide increased durability, but may distort the graphic of the cover. 
  • Personalized cover with name and future degree
  • Durable chip board back cover
  • Patient Tabs
    • Know your patients beyond a clinical level to provide improved care and a more personable dental experience
  • Monthly calendars
    • Marked with American holidays
    • Designated section to keep track of your monthly goals
  • Weekly calendars
    • Inspirational quotes for each week
    • Designated section to keep track of your weekly goals
  • Dental Facts
    • The times table and metric conversion chart is replaced with dental facts to help you stay in cusp tip shape!
    • Includes periodontal diagnoses, local anesthetic MRD, prescription template and more
  • Notes
    • Blank note pages to write/draw in to help refresh your memory on complex procedures/protocol 
  • Stickers
    • There is no such thing as being "too professional for stickers." Planner stickers are included to help you mark important dates and even remind you to party and take vacations!
  • Actual colors may vary due to differences in computer monitor displays