About the Brand

Why the name Lilac Paper? As the official color of Dentistry, it only makes sense to incorporate this into our name.

Based in Southern California, Lilac Paper arose from a need for organized planning, specifically for Dental, Medical, and Nursing students. We know the ins and outs of the dental, medical, and nursing school rigmarole. We understand the harried blend of academics, labs, clinics, and patients. Our primary goal is to help you organize all this into one concise, simple, and stress-relieving package: our Lilac Planner.

But this isn’t just any planner. Our planner comes complete with useful, informative stickers and special sections tailored to dental, medical, and nursing students. Plus, we’ve got tips and tidbits that you’ll find only in our planners. Take a look at our planner photos and you’ll see the inside scoop for yourself.

With a Lilac Planner in hand, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and a sense of clarity knowing all your appointments and tasks are neatly filed away and easy to find when needed. Let us help you organize the intense parts of a few key years of your life.

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